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WIN Statement on The Voice

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

The Women in Intensive care medicine network support the Uluru Statement

of the Heart and the formation of the Voice.


The ability of communities to access and benefit equitably from healthcare is

inextricably linked to autonomy, dignity, and sovereignty, rights that have long

been denied to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Indigenous

people in Australia suffer from multiple domains of inequity in healthcare and

disparity of outcomes. 


WIN is committed to improving the healthcare and wellbeing of First Nations

peoples across Australia and New Zealand. We therefore support the Uluru

Statement of the Heart and the formation of the Voice.


As a healthcare community, we understand that health and welfare encompass

many domains, not just the cure of disease. And that to address the current

inequities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, we need to

address the many social determinants of health. We also believe that

Indigenous Australians should be the key stakeholders and decision makers

surrounding decisions made that impact healthcare and wellbeing, including

policy decisions made on a national level. 

The Voice would be a key first step in addressing a long history of oppression

and inequality by providing an avenue for First Nations communities to be

consulted directly regarding issues such as healthcare, jobs, housing, and

education. This is the principle of self-determination.

Please listen to Megan Davis as she explains the Uluru Statement of the heart.

Megan, as the co-author of the Uluru Statement of the heart recognises the

voice as this first step. The Uluru statement of the heart is the generous

invitation from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to the rest of

Australia to walk together and achieve a better Australia. More resources on

the Voice can be found on the WIN website.

Dr. Sandra Lussier, on behalf of the WIN committee.


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