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WIN-ANZICS Webinar #1 2021

Women in Intensive Care (WIN-ANZICS) and ANZICS are delighted to invite you to join our inaugural WIN-ANZICS webinar.


This upcoming series of webinars will aim to explore a number of important topics relating to gender equity in intensive care medicine such as leadership, representation, culture, mentoring and research. Our first webinar will feature Dr. Mary Pinder, current CICM President, and Dr. Neil Orford. 


Dr Mary Pinder on "Leading with Authenticity"

Effective leadership is a crucial skill that all Intensivists must master. But what makes a great leader? Should we be modifying our actions and approach to fit a "leadership mould", or should we be breaking free of it? Many women are told that in order to succeed as leaders, we need to be doing the former. Dr. Pinder, our current CICM President, will present an alternative approach. She will share the experiences during her career which has shaped her leadership style, while staying true to her own personal attributes. 


Dr Neil Orford on "Team work in Intensive Care"

The CICM bullying and harassment survey shone a spotlight on the culture within intensive medicine. In that study, women were more likely to report both discrimination and sexual harassment.  Dr. Orford has made it his mission to change our working environment so that we all feel safe, valued and heard at work. So how does culture relate to teamwork? What can we expect of ourselves, and of our colleagues when working as a team?

This webinar was held on April 14th from 12:00-13:00 AEST.

Check out the video recording by following the link below:

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