Unconscious Bias in Medicine: Online Course

The good people at Stanford University have developed a fantastic online course on Unconscious Bias in Medicine. It takes about 30-60 minutes to complete and it’s packed with high-quality evidence about the measurable impact of unconscious bias in the workplace.

I was pleased to recognise some of the healthcare-focussed articles we’ve been referencing at WIN- including Jagsi’s work on the gender pay gap in medicine.

After exploring how unconscious bias ‘works’, the course provides some really practical suggestions for disrupting unconscious bias in the workplace

  • Ask team members to articulate reasons for their choices. This helps the team move beyond ‘first impressions’ or ‘gut instinct’

  • Appoint a ‘devil’s advocate’ to present an opposing view in meetings.

  • When selecting people for a role or professional opportunity, establish clear, relevant selection criteria first, and use ‘blinded’ selection processes wherever possible.

Encourage your team to complete it today!

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