iWIN Webinar - 27/6/2020

Missed the 1am alarm? Didn't get the memo? Never fear - here's the link to a great webinar hosted by the international women in intensive care network (iWIN), in lieu of the face to face meeting planned in Sicily.

Unfortunately, due to the early morning timing, WIN-ANZICS did not contribute but will be making an appearance in the next one. The focus of this webinar was to put a spotlight on improving gender diversity within ICM, particularly in the areas of leadership and academia.

There are some great lectures – but if you have to watch just one, the standout is from A/Prof. Geeta Mehta (56:30), who has written extensively about gender equity in critical care medicine in the past (check out our resources section for a link) – outlining the top 10 tips in supporting women in academia (hint - ditch the manels, and sponsorship, sponsorship, sponsorship!). The introductory lecture by Prof. Alison-Fox Robichaud on leadership during a crisis (5:07) is great as well. The webinar really does frame quite well, some on the common challenges and evidence-based solutions in improving gender diversity within critical care. 

Watch it here:

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