International Women's Day

Last year, the World Economic Forum reported that global gender parity won't be reached until 2133- 117 years from now. In light of these findings, this years International Women's Day theme was #pledgeforparity.

There has been some excellent media coverage of International Women’s Day, including some great analysis of gender balance in the workforce. So, for your reading pleasure, WIN presents some highlights of the IWD coverage, and a couple of bonus ‘classic’ articles.

1. Women on the board improve company profits. If more women leads to greater profit in the business world, perhaps more women will lead to better outcomes in the intensive care unit?

2. Associate Professor Theresa Jacques, director of intensive care at St Georges Hospital and winner of ‘100 women of influence 2015’ spoke at an IWD event in Kogarah. She highlighted the challenges women face in Intensive care medicine, particularly in overcoming unconscious bias.

3. A study published in the latest BMJ examines female first authorship trends between 1994-2014, concluding that, “…underrepresentation of research by women in high impact journals is still an important concern.”

4. When more women participate in the workforce, we all benefit.

5. Michaelia Cash, Federal Minister for Women, addressed the National Press Club today, calling for increased workplace flexibility and facilitation of women's participation in the workforce. She called for an environment where women can "make the choices they want to make rather than take the options they are forced to take"

5. In the ‘old but goody’ category, here’s a longer essay by Anne-Marie Slaughter, Professor of Politics and International affairs at Princeton University on “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All’

6. Meanwhile, the gender pay gap persists for doctors…

Happy International Women’s Day!

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