Where's the balance? The Stats on Women in ICU

Exactly how many female doctors work in intensive care in Australia?

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report workforce data derived from a survey associated with AHPRA medical registration (response rate 89%). They reported 507 doctors employed as specialist intensivists in 2014, of whom 16.6% were women. There were 554 doctors working as ICU trainees, of whom 35% were women.

The Medical Training Review Panel report collects data directly from specialty colleges regarding their fellows and trainees. In 2013, 16.8% of CICM fellows and 32.7% of CICM advanced trainees were female. In comparison, 52.8% of domestic and 49.1% of international 2014 medical graduates were women.

There are even fewer women in leadership positions within intensive care medicine. 4 out of the 18 members of the CICM board are women. There is one woman sitting on the 15 member ANZICS board.

The fact that the proportion of female trainees is higher than the proportion of female CICM fellows is promising. However we need to work to ensure this translates to more female fellows in the future, and improved female representation in leadership positions within our specialty.


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