Bike and Brekky - more brekky, less bike.

WIN's first social event of the year kicked off with a leisurely bike ride followed by breakfast. Although the attendance for the bike ride itself was a little sad (mainly owing to childcare issues), a robust discussion on gender based issues and experiences in Australasian intensive care during the ride itself was still managed as we wove through the Merri Creek paths alongside the regular morning commuters.

We were joined later by several other WINners, kids in tow, for a gorgeous Melbourne breakfast afterwards. It was fairly relaxed, but the conversation inevitably steered towards work-life balance, juggling commitments outside of work and exam study. As promised, some tips on commuting to work were thrown into the mix as well.

All in all, a fun and relaxed Friday morning, and the perfect way to see out the last little bit of summer before the winter chill arrives.

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