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Articles and Papers

Women in Leadership in Intensive Care Medicine

Modra LJ, Yong SA, Austin DE

ICU Management and Practice; 16 (3): 174-6

Gender Parity in Critical Care Medicine

Mehta S, Burns KEA, Machado FR et al American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2017; 196(4):425-429.

Starting a Family During Training

Yong, S

The Intensivist, 2015

 Women in   Critical   Care 

Addressing Disparities in Academic Medicine: Moving Forward

Byington CL, Lee, V


2015; 314(11) 1139-114


Sex Differences in Academic Rank in US Medical Schools in 2014

Jena AB, Khullar D, Ho O, Olenski AR, Blumenthal DM


2015; 314(11) 1149-58


Female Representation of Australasian specialty conferences. 

Modra LJ, Austin DE, Yong SA, Chambers EJ and Jones D. 


2016; 204(10) 385


Are gender gaps due to evaluations of the applicant or the science? A natural experiment at a national funding agency.

Witteman HO, Hendricks M, Straus S and Tannenbaum C. Lancet 2019; 393: 531-540

Comparison of Hospital Mortality and Readmission Rates for Medicare Patients Treated by Male vs Female Physicians.

Tsugawa Y, Jena AB, Figueroa JF et al.

JAMA Internal Medicine

2017; 177(2):206- 213

Engaging professionals in organisation governance: The case of doctors and their role in the leadership and management of health services

Dickinson H, Bismark M, Phelps G, Loh E, Morris J, Thomas L

Issues Paper Series,

University of Melbourne School of Government, 2015

The Paradox of Meritocracy in Organisations

Castilla EJ, Benard S.

The Administrative Science Quarterly.  2010; 55: 543-576

 Other   Interesting   Articles 

How Men Can Become Better Allies to Women

Johnson WB, Smith DG

Harvard Business Review, 2018

Organisational best practices towards gender equality in science and medicine

Coe IR, Wiley R and Bekker LG. 

Lancet 2019; 393: 587-593

Harvard Business Review: Women At Work

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