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I'm not gender bias, am I?

Yes, you probably are. I am…You can check your gender bias here, using an implicit association test hosted by Harvard University’s Project Implicit

Gender biases arise from gender schemas, or non-conscious hypotheses about sex differences that inform our expectations and evaluations of men and women (Valian 1998). Men and women hold the same gender schemas and use them to efficiently negotiate a complex social world.

Gender bias is a leading cause of the persistent gender gap in health outcomes, economic and political participation (World Economic Forum, 2016).

Gender schemas lead to measurable biases against women even in apparently rigorous selection processes. For example, Wennerås and Wold (Nature, 1997) assessed the non-blinded peer review process for scientific grants in Sweden, using multiple regression analysis of the relation between applicants’ scientific productivity and the subjectively assigned ‘competence’ score. A female applicant needed the equivalent of three additional first-author publications in Nature to obtain the same score as a male applicant.

Some other examples in academic medicine and healthcare: Sex Differences in Physician Salaries in US Public Medical Schools (JAMA, 2016) Reasons and Remedies for Under-Representation of Women in Medical Leadership Roles (BMJ Open, 2015)

Time to get cracking on those first-author Nature publications I suppose.

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